Russy’s Russian Inspired Pavloposad Scarf Shoes


Sigh! It’s doubtful you’ll be able to get your hands on these Russian heirloom inspired pavloposad scarf kicks with ease. The Italian label Russy, who created them only released 600 pairs into the world. Each pair is unlike the other, crafted from an Italian scarf selected from Italy’s secondhand markets. Their rarity is further increased as word first spread of the scarf inspired shoe back in 2011.

Like the pavloposad scarf, the Russy valenki are meant to become treasured heirlooms. The pavloposad ( pavlovo posad) scarf  was originally given to brides on their wedding day in the (the tradition gained popularity around the 1860’s), turning into family heirlooms. These beautiful scarves were made of silks, and other fine materials with elegant designs; & Russy made sure to extend past the use of traditional floral patterns- that are undeniably Russian. (and did I mention some of the shoes have a Versace vibe)


Screenshot2011-08-01at125222 Screenshot2011-08-01at125236

“The brand scours Italy’s vintage markets to find its foulards, selecting pieces that dovetail with a specific theme: baroque vintage, hunting vintage, and geometric vintage. Each shoe can be strung up with regular laces or, to strengthen the pavloposad connection, embellished with a decorative bow.”







First I’m sorry if I made any of you fall in love with the Russy shoes, and second…Udachi my matryoshka’s on your quest to get your hands, and ultimately feet inside such unique plimsolls. Now, which pair is your favourite?

– Zaychishka


One thought on “Russy’s Russian Inspired Pavloposad Scarf Shoes

  1. So pleased to have at last come across these great Russy sneakers as i already own a now beautifully worn pair which i dearly wish to replace. Where can i find, please

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