For Once Evgeni Plushenko’s Costume Was Subtle

Fotor0220215234Left: Valentin Yudashkin’s Costume Sketch.

Privet Matryoshka’s I hope you’ve been enjoying the Sochi Olympics!! Some of you might recognize Evgeni Plushenko- he is the male figure skater who helped Russia win a gold medal, and later found himself on thin ice after he withdrew out of the Olympics so soon after it began (Some say he brought shame on Mother Russia)..But I don’t want to focus on any criticisms this gold medalist is facing ( you can read the story from CBS News if you’d like to).

I want to draw attention to Evgeni’s figure skating costume! Most of the time female figure skaters have the luxury of wearing incredible outfits, with skirts that add volume and movement to amaze further throughout their routine (They steal the show). But in the case of Evgeni Plushenko he is always the one who steals the show- because his outfits are usually over the top – it’s as though he enjoys the attention his on the ice-style garners him.

Fotor0220222340Looks from the past. You can’t un- see this stuff.

This time evgeni’s look was toned down, had subtle touches of glitter and was created by Valentin Yudashkin (The Russian fashion designer who makes stunning evening haute couture gowns)

plushenko_2012Evgeni Plushenko Sochi Olympics 2014 Wearing Valentin Yudashkin

51598646-gold-medal-winner-evgeni-plushenko-of-russia-is-garbed_1.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeCouldn’t resist this gem..

& This is how I reward you, My Matryoshka’s for reading the entire post…with gems.

– Zaychishka


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