A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 7.58.08 PM

At times I find Alexandra Serova to be one of those elusive fashion designers; Photo’s of her collections are harder to find than say Alexander Terekhov’s, or Valentin Yudashkin’s..and when she posts on instagram the pictures are teasers (& not always the best quality). And yet, when you finally get a glimpse into this designers creative world-you’ll be mesmerized by her attention to detail. She was after-all dubbed the Russian Fairy Godmother.

The A. Serova wedding dress is for the traditional girl who loves her lace, and has a soft spot for length. The model here is Milana Koroleva; A Tv presenter who considers herself to be an “it” girl. Perhaps I’ll feature some of her outfits on occasion. The only downside to the A. Serova dress is the lack of close-up photo’s to show off the delicate nature of the lace, and the floral details.


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