A Valentine’s Day Romance In Kiev


I can imagine what it would be like, to be the girl in the picture; who’s walking down the streets with her beloved. Her vision begins to blur from the falling snow, as the one she loves puts a smile on her face.

I love what this photo represents- there’s joy in simplicity. Romance too. In fact how romantic would this be, to walk in the snow with him(or /her/ your beloved)- with romance hanging in the february air- and for the one you love to find one more way to make you smile.

Well Matryoshka’s, I’m truly a sucker for simple, sweet acts that show you care for each other- in fact those make for lasting memorable moments. I hope this photo put a smile on your face in some way- it’s just so..cute. And yes the couple in the photo are from Kiev, Ukraine, – the girls beloved bought her an “I love you” balloon for Valentine’s Day (2012) just look at that smile!

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