Ulyana Lopatkina To Perform For Sochi’s Olympic Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremonies for Sochi’s Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be kicking off come February 7th! There is a bit of mystery around the opening performance; Rumoured to have up to 1,000 performing artists to dazzle interested viewers.Fotor0130184646

Although much of the opening ceremony performances are being kept a secret some big names have been thrown around. Expect to see Ulyana Lopatkina- one of Russia’s most renowned ballerina’s to be one of the big-named performing artists. Viewers may recognize her, if not for her ballet credentials, then for her appearance at the Vancouver 2012 Winter Olympics representing Russia. Also viewers may see Yuri Bashmet the Viola player, conductor Valery Gergiev and the Russian pianist Denis Matsuev.

“Members of the British team that helped stage the successful Isles of Wonder show at the London 2012 Olympics are also reportedly involved. All participants have been sworn to secrecy about their involvement in the opening ceremony on February 7.”



Telegraph UK

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