Moscow’s Kolomenskoye Park Is Stunning In Spring


My wistful mood stirs thoughts of springs arrival, where I find myself bidding an early farewell to winter; Yet I remain waiting for the next season to transform the landscape before me, to awaken all lulled by winter’s strife. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, it’s also the only time of year when one of the most beautiful events in Moscow’s Kolomenskoye park takes place.

Imagine tulips in rich, vibrant hues- archways formed by the blooming of apple trees, and buildings (churches) true to Russian architectural style; all residing within one park. The arrival of spring is when the beautiful event takes place, in fact that is the event. Just imagine what I just mentioned and you’ll understand- Kolomenskoye is rich in both beauty and Russian history.


“The village of Kolomenskoye was founded in 1237 by refugees from Kolomna. In the 15th-17th centuries the village became first a Grand Prince’s and then the Tsar’s estate. Peter the Great was brought here for his own safety during the streltsy insurrection of 1682, and began his studies here. His daughter, Elizabeth, was also born here. Later, Alexander I studied here on his way to Moscow with his grandmother, Catherine the Great.”  That’s some of the history in short. Enjoy the images, they’re stunning.

DSC00548The infamous vibrante tulips

DSC00484Church of the Ascension of the Lord (built in 1529-1532 to commemorate the birth of Ivan the Terrible.)


DSC00520Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan

51050621Apple Tree Alley


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