Yulia Yanina’s 20th Anniversary: A Look At Her Success


Yulia Yanina’s fashion house has just celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 21st, 2014! Many of Yulia’s designs have found homes in the wardrobes of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Baroness Nadine de Rothschild, and Ms. Roya Surdo, wife of the Italian Ambassador. Yulia is famous for specializing in Haute Couture creations, to wedding, evening and cocktail dresses; studded with beads, or enhanced by embroidery- true to traditional Russian dress.

Over the years Yulia has customized gowns for her cliental in an interesting way, she doesn’t make dresses for anyone without getting to know them; “Meeting always starts with a conversation over a cup of coffee, during which I understand how people are “. I do not work with those who are not close to me in spirit, “-says Yulia.

“I have a philosophical attitude towards mistakes”

“There are designer who want to please customers, and then there are those for whom fashion -is  a way to show the world their ideas about beauty. “

– Yulia Yanina

FAMILY_030Yulia and her family- the doll is by Yanina too!

SHOT_07_134A dress made of both silk and chiffon- lovely.

SHOT_06_051Velvet dresses, bustier by intimissimi (Italian Lingerie brand)

SHOT_05_021Dress embroidered by seqins (I really love this one)

SHOT_04_034feather dress, and silk and chiffon dress

SHOT_01_015Made of velvet

Photography by Alan Geltati


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