Czarina Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

Fotor0121123541Paris fashion Week is the busiest time of year for photographers, and “it” girls alike, showing us the concrete catwalk is just as important a place as the runway; for fashion. There’s something amusing to this, the sidewalk, the walkways are where the most fashionable are “snapped”, fuelling our obsession, our need for this street style.

Fashion Week is also perhaps the most we’ll ever see our Czarina’s pea cocking, showing off elaborate looks, knowing someones waiting to take their photo’s.
The looks you’ll see are from Paris Fashion Week: Day 1.  (I’m not truly impressed yet)

And Matryoshka’s I even added something extra, I couldn’t resist!

Paris-HC-str-RS14-4125Ulyana Sergeenko

DSC_5776Elena Perminova (I think she won this round)

Paris-HC-str-RS14-3988Anya Ziourova

DSC_5824Miroslava Duma

And for Fun:

DSC_5624Anna Dello Russo, reminiscent of rainbows and unicorns.


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