Street Style Boyfriend Chic In Kiev

Fotor0117130055Middle photo is Of Kiev’s main street called: Kreschatik Street

When you think of the Ukraine visions of fashion forward women come to mind, they share this similarity with their Russian neighbours. There’s something about both of these countries women that intimidate North American women. The Ukrainian women would not succumb to the fashion faux pas of leaving the house in ones “jammies”- Remember this horrific trend that unleashed a wrath of ill-dressing slobbery?

Now let’s look at a trend that’s relaxed, and doesn’t allow room for slobbery: The Boyfriend look. The Boyfriend look gained popularity by slowly possessing women’s jeans ( Then again women have been mimicking the look for ages when they wear their boyfriends shirts, thus notoriously harbouring their hoodies..never ever giving them back).

The girl from Kiev does the Boyfriend look justice; adding chic elements. I love her loose hanging blouse adorned with necklaces of length- Then there are the noticeable touches considered masculine: her hat, and yes the Michael Kors Boyfriend watch (rightly named). Then There’s the key piece in the outfit connecting, fusing Boyfriend, and chic- Thus creating Boyfriend Chic- Is the less structured blazer where flowing fabric gathers itself in the front. Enjoy.




Plus the use of pantyhose/stockings in your outfits is feminine, and something your boyfriend might enjoy.. give back to your boyfriends for they gave you this relaxed style. haha. 😛

– Zaychishka


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