A Look Inside A Saint Petersburg Apartment


Privet Matryoshka’s i’m kind of in the mood to show off a delicious looking home in Saint Petersburg, Russia that I came across, and fell for. I do believe having timeless style does extend past your personal wardrobe, as the home after-all is the perfect place to show off another side of your tastes. The apartment’s interior was designed by Anton Valiev, you’ll notice the colour palette is subdued, consisting of soft taupes, creams and yes-light blue.

The design draws from Parisian elements with fleur-di-lis wallpaper, and furnishing that has an old-meets-new charm. The bathroom best shows where this old-meets-new takes place amid old furnishings and up to date chrome fixtures, creating a modern appearance. The apartment’s “ornate decadence” extends itself further in an area reserved for the gentleman, in a den that has tasteful plaid walls.

Hehe, I hope you guys enjoy these images, and for more photo’s check out the “Source” link. I also love that bath-tub. What have you done to make your abode, your home- reflect your personal tastes?










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