How A Russian Oligarch Dresses: Vladimir Doronin


The Russian oligarch lives a life of splendour, often playing on his yacht, dating famous models, and other tiresome indulgences he’s burdened with on a regular basis. Well Matryoshka’s once in a while I think I’ll have to do a style feature on Russia’s wealthy men, since “it” boys don’t exist, the Russian oligarch will have to suffice.

Today’s oligarch is Vladimir Doronin (aka Vladislav Doronin); Doronin is famous for 1) Once being romantically involved with Naomi Campbell and 2) Having a net worth of $ 1 billion- making him the Donald Trump of Russia. I know the post is about Doronin’s style, but it was rare to find a photo of him without Naomi- and perhaps that’s the only reason he’s been photographed so much, + I’m also guessing that’s the reason for his stylish investment in fashion.

 Formal Wear

Vladimir+Doronin+Suits+Men+Suit+zCcPyLgRvIbxVibrant blue suit with a loose collar

Vladimir-Doronin-and-Naomi-Campbell-in-mint-green-floral-column-dress-at-Prince-Albert-II-of-Monaco-and-Charlene-Wittstock-Wedding-2-e1309664137754His regal and posh look was for a royal wedding in Monaco

1353044125Shmoozing with Gaj Singh the former Maharaja of Jhodpur

Naomi+Campbell+Vladimir+Doronin+Beaver+Premiere+y3OI_cUxyvnlVery black tie

Vladimir-Doronin-and-Naomi-Campbell-at-Miral-permiere-at-Venice-Film-FestivalLook at that purple

328x543No tie

Casual Wear

Vladislav+Doronin+Naomi+Campbell+Vladislav+af6Uo43B3W8lSee that the Nike’s make the look casual

NCampbell092410_02-fullMatching his shirt with Naomi’s purple laptop case

Vladimir+Doronin+Dial+Watches+Leather+Band+dhGqQPkjob5xA blazer, shirt and jeans- always a classic for men

Naomi+Campbell+Naomi+Campbell+Vladislav+Doronin+thg4cApRWuwxGrey and navy


article-0-055BBC90000005DC-253_468x678A bit of boheme for a relaxed look

FFN_ANG_Campbell_Naomi_EXCL_030711jpg_6927267Winter Chic

2 thoughts on “How A Russian Oligarch Dresses: Vladimir Doronin

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 I hope your commercial turns out the way you hope it too.

      You can also look up Roman Abramovich (owner of Chelsea), he is also considered to be another Russian oligarch.


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