Russians VS Italians: Whose “it” Girls Really Do It Better?

Oh Anna Dello Russo!

There’s this saying I think some of you are familiar with that goes something like “Italians Do It Better”, and then there’s “The Russians Are Coming”. These two sayings really are appropriate for a post like this.

Italians have stolen the fashion spotlight for far too long, and they too have their fare share of iconic it girls, but it’s the Russians who are their greatest competitors on the style stage. Today’s post will be featuring 8 it girls in total, 4 from the Italians and 4 from the Russians, + quotes from each like Anya Ziourova’s post pregnancy tip- to Chiara Ferragni’s quote on strength; and if no quotes are available there’s a bit of information on who they are. Anyway Matryoshka’s which of the “it” girls styles do you admire the most? Who really does it better at fashion when it’s The Italian VS The Russian. Do you equally enjoy each’s style? Or none at all?

The Russians Are Coming: The Russian “it” Girls

Brace yourselves these girls know fashion

Ulyana Sergeenko


Ulyana’s the real deal for being a Russian trendsetter and she’s one the most high-profile figures of the so called Russian Fashion Pack, who are also called The Russian Mafia or the Czarinas. Ulyana’s style embodies an old-world feminine charm with an ode to all things vintage, sophisticated and elegant. She’s also a prominent Russian (Haute Couture) fashion designer.


Miroslava Duma


Mira’s one of the most recognized faces from the Russian fashion pack, and is the founder of the globally expanding website buro 24/7 (covers all things fashion) which recently launched a buro 24/7 site for Middle East readers. Miroslava Duma’s quote from Vogue on being experimental in her style

 “The one who doesn’t do anything doesn’t make any mistakes.” – Miroslava Duma


Elena Perminova


Elena’s most known for her rags to riches tale (Check out the Russian It Girl article ). She’s known for having legs that go on for miles, and being the companion of (ex KGB) Alexander Lebedev, whom she has two children with; the third is on the way! As for Elena’s style she often mixes low end fashion with high end fashion- Think H&M + Versace, she also wears a lot of Chanel. I love her style so much she’s regularly featured on this blog.


Anya Ziourova


Anya is a Stylist, fashion director at Tatler Russia, and Creative Consultant at Allure Russia, Conde Nast. She has a baby named Akulina, and her style tip/ advice is in regards to post-pregnancy dressing:

For dressing right after giving birth, my advice would be to stick to outfits similar to what you wore while you were pregnant. In my case, those were men’s style shirts and loose tops. Although when it gets comfortable, maybe you can add some high heels! -Anya: Source


Italians Do It Better: Italian “it” Girls

These girls come loaded with a fashion maniac

Anna Dello Russo


Anna Dello Russo is the most extreme dresser from the Italian it girl club, she’s even been described by Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac”, Anna Dello Russo is currently the Editor At Large, and the creative consultant for Vogue Japan.  The best from her “top 10 quotes of style”:

#5)Wear just NIGHT-CLOTHES in daytime. It is UNEXPECTED! and.. # 10) So between FASHION and STYLE? Absolutely FASHION… is less pretentious, is authentic. FASHION is declaration of own freedom. – I think I can hear the Italian accent in her words. – Anna Dello Russo Website


Chiara Ferragni


Chiara’s not only a prominent blogger (she has the popular website “The Blonde Salad“), but she’s also a law student, and of course a trendsetter. When Chiara was working on her shoe project she’s quoted as saying (which can definitely double as advice for bloggers & dreamers):

“You need to have the strength to believe in your dreams”- Chiara Ferragni


Chiara Totire


Chiara’s a relatively new addition to the Italian style scene, she’s even been involved in setting a few trends during fashion week. Her style can be defined as classic for she loves minimal touches, and she’s often seen wearing leather jackets, crop-tops, baggy pants, oversized coats, sweatshirts, and prints.


Giovanna Battaglia


Giovanna is often called the Princess of fashion week!! Giovanna is an ex model ( She’s worked for D&G), she changed careers at the age of 28 to become a fashion editor- she’s now the editor for L’Uomo Vogue. Her style is often comprised of combinations that mix shades with patterns.

What was the best piece of advice that was ever given to you career-wise? When I didn’t know how to start I asked Charlotte Stockdale [stylist who has worked with Vogue UK, Vogue Nippon, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith etc.] and she said … “Just start!!” Simple but direct! Source


273945589804918576_bnLjL5Km_cMingling together at fashion week


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