When Alexander Terekhov Brought Alice To Life

Alice In Wonderland

Alexander Terekhov “always loved Alice as a character, because she is kind, sweet and beautiful.” The Russian  designer used nine meters of blue taffeta to make the fantasy of Alice In Wonderland into a reality. Terekhov’s Alice showcases a transition from Alice’s time as a youth, and into a grown woman.

The simple T-shirt shape of the flowing dress’s bodice represents Alice’s youth in the transition, while the elegant skirt embodies Alice’s womanhood. Of course the large clock wristlet plays a key role in itself..any guesses? Terekhov’s design is an awe-inspiring representation of the classic disney character. This is what makes Russian designers something else…below are images of Alexander Terekhov and his real-life Alice.




20th-anniversary-of-disneyland-paris-19Clock wristlet: Made of metallic leather and is hand-embroidered

Terekhov’s Alice was featured at the Haute Couture show for Disneyland Paris’s 20th anniversary


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