Charlotte Olympia’s Matryoshka Shoes Are Simply Wonderful


Privet Matryoshka’s, yes this is something I’m currently raving about, another item that is wait for it: BAM Matryoshka’d out!!!- however, these incredible shoes are not designed by a Russian or Ukrainian designer- but by Charlotte Olympia Dellal the half brazilian, half british designer (daughter of brazilian model Andrea Dellal). Charlotte Olympia is a collection known for heels of unimaginable heights, bold colours and animal prints tied in with the glamour of the 1940’s.

Anyway here are the rest of the images of the “Anastasia Matryoshka Suede Sandal” – they come in either black or red- I’ve seen them in person and they are truly an amazing work of art for your feet- Want!!


“Inspired by a Russian doll, designed in England, and handcrafted in Italy, this Charlotte Olympia sandal is a true globetrotter. Wear this nesting doll-detailed sandal with even your most serious of shift dresses—it adds a light, whimsical element to any look”.

charlotte-olympia-Matryoshka-Suede-SandalThe Matryoshka shoe is winking 😉

Charlotte-Olympia-Baboushka-Embroidered-Leather-Clutch-eLittle Miss Matryoshka’s detail


Am I the only one crazy enough to want to wear these?! I hope not!!

– Zaychishka

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