Miroslava Duma’s Red Lips Pop At Salvatore Ferragamo’s Show

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.11.26 AM

Right now I’m loving this look from Miroslava Duma, I know that lately I’ve been playing favourites to Elena Perminova- but how can I resist? She dresses in ways that capture the attention of my style’s senses. Enough about Elena (for now), This post is all about what Mira is wearing. Her look could either pass as Italian or Parisian chic (black is a favourite amongst Italian and the French)-but in this case I’ll presume it’s Italian chic as the photo was taken at a Salvatorre Ferragam event held in Milan after-all.

What’s lovely about the look is that although it’s entirely black, the added touch of red lipstick is keeping things memorable- I even admire her choice for accentuating her eyes (I do believe red lipstick can work well with bold eyes). Anyways the moral is red lipstick works wonders when you need to add a pop of colour, or when you want to forego accessories.


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