Happy Holidays: The Christmas Scene In Russia & The Ukraine

01-xmas-in-st-petersburgChristmas fair in Alexandrovskiy Garden in St. Petersburg, December 14, 2010.

Privet Festive Matryoshka’s!!! Imagine how beautiful this time of year is when Christmas lights shine brightly on Russian and Ukrainian streets. Think of the snow on the ground setting a picture perfect scene, reminiscent of a holiday card. I would like to wish all of you who are celebrating today a Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy your day, and to mark this special occasion I’m including beautiful images from both Russia and the Ukraine around this joyous time of year. (I’ll also be wishing my Orthodox Matryoshka’s a Merry christmas come January 7th).  + Hoping these pictures put you in the holiday mood in case it hasn’t reached you yet!

reuters_russia_christmas_25Dec11-878x589Father Frost (Santa Claus) In Central Saint petersburg

9_christmas_tree_red_square_moscowChristmas Tree Red Square, Moscow

christmas_tree_kiev_ukraine_travel_europe_guideChristmas Tree in Kiev’s Independant Square, Ukraine

r001Saint Basil’s Cathedral Moscow

002-720x448Saint Petersburg Christmas market

tumblr_mec249txo41rr2iydo1_500Christmas Tree In Sochi Russia At More Mall

1Lviv Ukraine

2Didukh(Grandfather) in Lviv Ukraine Photo from adorableland

Bolshoi Theatre (Large, Great or Grand Theatre, also spelled BolBolshoi Theater Moscow

The Christmas decorations in Moscows legendary hotel “Metropol”, in Tridesyatom State

569ffffc71a05a52d45a31853c0bc42bAn outdoor Chandelier of Christmas lights greets guests on arrival

5ea813ddd54179f5ef1684e75d7488b3The hotel created a winter wonderland indoors

5dfa5daa026f39906861b54e67900bceTree branches look as though they’ve been kissed by a winter ice storm

8850967a3cf3f962ada80cd1ff22fd47Decorations cascading down the walls

74992784d422d2409abb01e58d8431faAnother glimpse of the winter scene

Here’s to a Merry Christmas- with good food :p

– Zaychishka



Metropol Hotel, Vogue Russia

Christmas Fair in Alexandrovskiy Garden-  photo from Voices From Russia Blog

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays: The Christmas Scene In Russia & The Ukraine

  1. A merry Christmas for you as well, and thanks for the great pictures! I have a small question for you by the way: are you Russian or Ukrainian?
    I’ve been to Kyiv last summer and it was an amazing city, very beautiful. Next year I hope to go to Russia (St. Petersburg is on the list of places to see of course!), especially now I’ve seen these great pictures!


    1. I’m actually Ukrainian, you are very lucky!! Ah, Saint Petersburg with it’s architecture alone would be beyond incredible to see in person ( It’s on my list too- I’ve been to a lot of places, but not there yet !!). Spasibo for your Merry Christmas, for the comment, and for taking the time to visit the blog. I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas also!! -Zaychishka


      1. Do you speak Russian then as well? I guess you do?
        The point is, I’m a Slavic language student, doing both Russian and Polish. When I finish these studies, I want to learn more other Slavic languages, but I believe these two are a great start already :). It’s good to find people on the Internet like you, living in the countries whose language I want to know!


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