The Imperial Russian Inspired Faberge Egg Hat


The faberge beauty struggles to hold her head high with the weight of Imperial Russia on her shoulders. She is the keeper of Russia’s past when the thought of revolution grew from quiet whispers,- manifesting into movements altering Russia’s history. Now, a faded memory of a fallen Imperial Russia, and monarchy remain embedded in the art of faberge.

The Russian Imperial Faberge egg hat stands out in bold pink, gold, bow details and a crown adorning the top. The Hat is from a collection called “Moskovita”, that has been presented at the Russian Nobility ball in New York. The Hat greatly takes inspiration from the House of Romanoffs and of course Faberge eggs. I love this Haute Couture concept, and the details that went into the crown!!!




The Imperial Faberge eggs were first made for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia, 50 of the ornate eggs were created, with only 42 surviving. Additionally two eggs the Constellation and Karelian Birch eggs, were planned for 1918 but never delivered because of the Revolution of 1917. shortly after which Nicholas  and his Family were assassinated.



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