Ulyana Sergeenko’s Embroidered Sunglasses


Embroidery the “craft of two hands” retains an air of regality, once considered a mark of wealth. The ornamental hand craft found common places within The Medieval Islamic World, the expansive Ottoman Empire, to Russia’s traditional folk dress and, yes; culture.

Today embroidery is a common theme found in the collections from both Russian, and Ukrainian Fashion Designers; Maintaining the needle-work’s status of being considered one of the highest art forms in Russia. Ulyana Sergeenko’s style, let alone her designs push boundaries in fashion, she puts embroidery on blouses, dresses, and sunglasses (which might look like odd placement).

The embroidery on the sunglasses capture a small piece of Russia’s culture from past to present times. Anyway, on a side note: Not many can pull off this look, even if they (the sunglasses) do not look lovely on you; you have to admit there is a reason to admire the behind the scenes story of elegance, wealth and history intertwined in their manufacturing. Forget the matryoshka dolls as touristy gifts from your travels (if you’re Russia bound). Grab these instead- If you can.

 If you can’t find a pair there is a DIY version available: Ulyana Sergeenko Sunglasses DIY




ulyana-sergeenko-bags1-500x500Looks like Ulyana’s Sunglasses even come in cute boxes!

Laughable quote from the echo’s of the past in regards to embroidery:

“The mistress (of the house) should know all about needlework so that she can teach her women what they need to know…if her husband invites guests or his friends, they should always find her sitting over her needlework. Thus she will earn honour and glory, and her husband praise.” -Domostroi (16th century Russian House Hold Rules, Author unknown).

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