Rokoslana Bogutska Ukraine’s Prestigious Fashion Designer

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It’s been rare of me so far to have a post on anything Ukrainian related, today’s post is about a designer from the Ukraine who deserves some recognition. In ways her work reminds me of Ulyana Sergeenko, and of Yulia Yanina’s,(her work ethic) + something else unidentifiable with other designers, making this designer distinct.

Rokoslana Bogutska is a top Ukrainian fashion designer, with a brand that represents a combination of elegance, luxury and an up to date approach to Ukrainian ethnic motif in fashion. The Ukrainian designer graduated from Lviv College of Applied Arts and Lviv Academy of Applied Arts. Her first collection was presented at National pret-a-porte week “Fashion Seasons “in 1998, the very year Rokoslana’s brand was founded.

Ukrainian Designer Roksolana Bogutska 0Rokoslana Bogutska

Would you agree that there are differences between the traditions of Ukrainian and foreign fashion designs? Yes, I agree. Ukrainian designers do everything themselves – create ideas, find materials, etc. Foreign designers have more possibilities to implement any wishes and dreams while creating collections, as they have better access to more textile, accessories etc. 

Ukrainian: Чи можна сказати, що в традиціях українського та іноземного дизайну є істотні відмінності? Відмінності є. Український дизайнер все створює сам (шукає, придумує, і т.д.). Іноземний – може легше здійснити всі свої мрії, всі бажання, бо доступні тканини, фурнітура тощо. – Rokoslana Bogutska Interview from Lviv Today


Rokoslana’s fans include Ukraine’s former First Lady Kateryna Yushchenko, who is known for her passion for folk dresses. It was Bogutska who created a dress that Kateryna Yushchenko wore to the presidential inauguration in 2005. Also among her regular clients are Ukrainian pop stars Ruslana and Natalka Karpa.

Bogutska combines traditional Ukrainian embroidery and beading with modern clothing. She prefers to work exclusively with natural materials, such as silk, wool and cotton. Rokoslana even loves to work with embroidery, which she uses on pants and blouses in the form of Ukrainian folk-flowers.

Fotor121519438Autumn /Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Rokoslana’s brand has gained attention and admirier’s, she even became the first Ukrainian designer,who was inducted into the prestigious ranking of European fashion-media( amongst Chanel, Burberry, and Dolce and Gabbana. etc.)


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