Russian Holiday Cuisine With A Twist


Are all of those gifts are for me?! Sigh a girl can dream right?

Privet my lovely matryoshka’s today’s post is a bit more festive and fun, this post actually has nothing to do with fashion, in fact this specific thing causes controversy when associated with fashion. The specific thing you ask is none other than food- and what’s better than regular food, is food for the holidays. Those holiday eats can’t be beat! So if you’re finished with your holiday shopping, and are now looking for some new cuisine ideas to show off your culinary skills, here are some Russian foods and some fusion-&-modern-like recipes(that are not all traditional) to appease the masses.

1. Salad Olivier Recipe

This recipe is a Russian favourite, even if you’re not Russian it can easily become one of your favourite potato salads to make for any occasion.



 5 Russet potatoes, 1 can of carrots (in cubes) or you can boil and cube your own, 1 can of peas, 4-5 large boiled eggs, 1 pound of meat: could be: chicken, kielbasa sausage, or ham ( I prefer chicken you can use a nice rotisserie chicken[chicken breast] for the job), Dill pickles 2-3, cube them, salt to your taste, 1/2 pound mayonnaise, 2 tsp olive oil

How To Make Salad Olivier:

Boil the potatoes and then cool them down, and peel them. Also Boil those eggs, cook the meat (if it’s raw). Once you’re finished cooking the foods that need to be cooked, you’re going to chop the potatoes, carrots (if not from a can),eggs, the meat of your choice, and dill pickles and cut them all into bite sized cubes ( the cube-ing portion is the most important it all has to be bite sized and in proportion! Make your babushkas proud by paying attention to this step). Next take out a bowl and combine the now cubed ingredients, add the drained canned peas and carrots(if you didn’t make your own carrots from scratch) Now you have all these cubed foods in a bowl and they should look something like this


Now you get to add in your Mayonnaise, olive oil and salt to taste, you can definitely add more Mayonnaise, refrigerate and enjoy. There are also quite a few variations of this recipe, but this is how I like to make it. You can also have a nice side dish of chopped up cherry tomatoes to go with your Salad Olivier. The end result should look like this:


2. A modern take on Shishlik with mad culinary flair.

I saw a recipe that incorporated pomegranate syrup(molasses), coriander, cumin and onion to enhance the natural flavours of the meat used for making Shishlik; which piqued my interests. This recipe is not the original I viewed, but is still something I definitely would love to try for it uses the same ingredients and more- the pom, coriander and cumin. It’s no regular shishlik (Russian kebob) and looks wonderful when fully garnished and set on the plate, signalling it’s time to eat!


The full recipe is here: ask chef dennis

3. Meatballs on toothpicks

This is a delicious idea for an appetizer for guests.Who can resist bite sized meat-balls jam packed with flavour? Plus the presentation makes them as irresistible as they taste.

6780846176_c8c76ef32a_zFull recipe here

4. A more traditional Russian appetizer is Caviar Canape

You just need bread/ crackers , then spread butter on top and add Caviar. Voila. Garnish with parsley or oregeno, whatever you like.

Red caviar sandwiches

5. Dessert:

And for the lover of sweets, a desert that uses a combination of whipped cream and fruit. This particular recipe is called “Russian Cream”. It even has the holiday colours of Red and white.

IMG_2182Russian cream Recipe: Here

Happy Eats!

– Zaychishka

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