My Moda, My Style: It’s The Accessories


I love Russian fashion, and the Czarina’s who put a face to Russia’s style scene, yes I know I show favouritism to Elena Perminova and Miroslava Duma on a weekly basis. So for some relief from the Czarina’s, I thought I’d dedicate a little post to the three accessories I personally love to add to my own outfits when I’m in my own “it needs something elegant doesn’t it? sort of mood“.

IMG_4797Bracelet: Swarovski

IMG_4788Ring: Pearls & Silver

IMG_4799The little details make the purse

IMG_4793Purse: Paloma Picasso

I couldn’t resist this bag, have you noticed it has that late 80’s-90’s structural shape to it? That’s because it’s from way back when. Paloma Picasso is the designer and yes she’s the daughter of Pablo Picasso, however she no longer manufacturer’s her purse line. Paloma’s work is now with Tiffany & co. I was drawn to the purse because of the gold X details (it’s simple looking), + It’s an uncommon bag  amidst a sea of Coach, and Louis V;

What are the vintage collectibles that you guys are harbouring on reserve and just dying to revive for a chic look of your own?


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