Natalia Vodianova The Russian Cinderella And Philanthropist

zG1B0Natalia Vodianova The Russian Cinderella

Privet Matryoshka’s here is a heart warming tale for you to enjoy, which seems suitable for the holiday season upon us. Natalia Vodianova’s story is familiar, similar to the tale of cinderella,- one moment she was living life in poverty and the next her life spiral’s into the grandeur of paris life.

What prompted her to trust her intuition and turn to the model agency in Nizhny Novogorod at the age of 16, was that she recognized men showed an interest in her. Natalia’s been quoted saying

“I understood that men were paying attention to me, so I had something”, this let her take a leap of faith and place all bets on her looks.


Now what turned her life further into the rags to riches tale, is that one night at a private party she met Justin Portman a lord by birth, and one of the UK’s wealthiest of men, whom she married and had three children with. Anyways back to how her career as a model began! Vodianova was picked out at a casting call, invited back to Moscow and photographed for Russian Vogue. She was then noticed in Paris at a contest, by Jean Paul Gaultier who considered the Russian beauty to be “A combination of immaculacy and sexuality! A child and female at the same time!” Then German Elle followed, and she even participated in New York’s Fashion week. Natalia Vodianova was affectionately called “This Russian”.


One of the most talked about successes of Natalia Vodianova was when she became the face of Calvin Klein for eight seasons and made a seven figure contract. She even had contracts with L’oreal Paris and Chanel. Vodianova’s success has gone unmatched, and although she’s made it, and is crazy busy! She believes in (and has made time for) the work of philanthropy. Vodianova’s campaign slogan is “Every child deserves a childhood” with her Naked Heart Foundation. Her philanthropic nature was inspired by her younger sister who suffers from both ICP and autism, and hence why Vodianova helps children all over Russia.


Subsequently, Vodianova is now on of the top 300 richest people of Great Britain. Currently she is pregnant with her fourth child (but his first) with boyfriend Antoine Arnault, CEO of luxury men’s footwear maker Berluti, and son of LVMH founder Bernard Anault.

Natalia REDNatalia Vodianova For The Naked Heart Foundation

Natalia Vodianova was  born Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova, on February 28th, 1982 in Groky Russia, (which is now known as Nizhny Novogorod). She’s an inspiring individual who’s beautiful both inside and out.

What good deeds will you guys be doing for the holiday season for your friends, your family or perhaps; A random act of kindness for someone you do not know?



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