Enteley’s Wedding Dress For the Woman Who Will Be Loved.

Enteley+Runway+MBFWR+F+W+2013+YKnjsGtUSB5lAngelica Agurbash

During the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013, Enteley (Eleanor Shaulova) showcased a collection dedicated to women who have had their hearts broken (but are still hopeful), and are finding themselves to be loved once more. The show stopper in Enteley’s collection was when singer Angelica Agurbash walked the runway in an extravagant ball-room style wedding dress, with a sweet-heart neckline.


The dress is not only rich in detail but the inspiration behind it’s creation is something many woman can find themselves relating to. This post is in dedication to woman who should not lose hope, for they will be loved once again, and also; do not give up on having your fairy-tale, overly-romantic happy endings.( Angelica Agurbash didn’t, even after her tumultuous divorce)


“To be honest, when the designer Eleanor Shaulova told me about the concept of my collection, I was very surprised, says the singer (Angelica).  I had the distinct feeling that this is about me. So I did not hesitate to agree!”

Enteley_FW_2013_23-300x450Love this dress!! 


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