Ushanka’s Are Just Made For Winter Street Style

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.05.41 PM

Who could resist this well known Russian winter staple? Ushanka’s- Shapka’s are perfect for adding sophistication to winter wardrobes, + a bit of extra fun! Here are some (women & men) street style looks that have been spiced up by the wearer adding an Ushanka. + also included the wrong Faux Pas way to wear one.



ElenaPerminovaChanel2Elena Perminova’s Military inspired outfit and Ushanka



Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.05.16 PM

2-ushanka-533x800Ushanka hot off the runway

street-style-paris-couture-spring-2013-2014Miroslava Duma in a Ushanka



Ushanka-hat-fashion-trendsFaux Pas Moment: Too Much Ushanka, Not Enough Wardrobe.

2 thoughts on “Ushanka’s Are Just Made For Winter Street Style

    1. Hey Mark,
      I own a white ushanka (faux fur) that I bought through ebay.
      I would suggest checking out department stores that sell high end merchandise, and if you love online shopping:
      Amazon and Ebay- as they also have a selection of ushankas.
      In the end you just have to be vigilant to find the one you like.
      Good luck 🙂


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