Natalia Vodianova’s Share A Smile Charity.


Tis’ the season to make a difference! The russian model Natalia Vodianova is taking part in a charity event known as “Share A Smile” meant to bring a smile to children’s’ faces,(it’s for a good cause) The Apple Store and Google Play application is available for download for all iOS-and Android-based devices, designed by branding agency Fitch. You simply type in a search engine the words “Share A Smile,” download the free app, then photograph your smile, add a location on an interactive map and a corporate sponsor of the “INMARKO” lists in the fund Natalia Vodianova 10 rubles for each publication. All brilliant & easy! admitted Natalia, she had long thought about the idea, through which people can help is a matter, not just the ruble.


“So, once again, when you take a smartphone in hand, think about what is more important: to purchase your lunch or new clothes, or really help children in need by simply giving your smile”.

The russian model is the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, a Russian charity that is for children, believing every child deserves a family, smiles and more. I like that she at least is dedicated to altruistic causes, and genuinely wants to make a difference… she’s beautiful both inside and out!

Источник/ Source : Buro/24/7

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