Casual Street Style Moscow

tumblr_inline_mrbysyLgFA1qz4rgpCape: Marni for H&M + Vintage Statement Necklace

This is a more casual look worn by Ekaterina Katkova a Fashion editor for Veter magazine, that I like since it’s a mix between low and high end items,

tumblr_inline_mrbyg8H4AM1qz4rgpZara jeans

What is your style?

Style – is the ability to express their own ideas, the “I” with the clothes and accessories. This is by no means a blind following of trends and fashion. Fashion comes and goes, but style – remains.

tumblr_inline_mrbyjqXxaP1qz4rgpBag by Marc Jacobs

tumblr_inline_mrbylgmHkc1qz4rgpShoes by Zara


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