DIY Miroslava Duma Inspired Statement Necklace


Hello Matryoshka’s !! DIY projects are always fun, and while surfing the net I came across a really interesting way to make your own very blinged out, statement necklace- it reminded me of something similar to what Mira Duma has been seen wearing (a while back ago). Here is the Necklace and the steps to making it!

The DIY Necklace and steps to make it is all from, steps are below as well as a link to swellmayde’s site 🙂




– Rhinestones
– Chunky Chain
– 12 jump rings
– lobster claw
–  e6000 adhesive
– BBQ stick
– clear vinyl
– awl (optional)

1. Layout your rhinestone designs onto the clear vinyl.  I made 5 small clusters, and left ample space between them.
2. Using a BBQ stick and e6000, glue each rhinestone onto the clear vinyl.
3. Cut out each rhinestone cluster with a small rectangular 1/4″ tab at the top (as photo’ed).
4.  Poke two hole (like photo) with an awl or the BBQ stick.
5. Cut the chunky chain to your desired length. Add jump rings to the holes you pierced in step 4, then attach the rhinestone clusters to the chain.
6. Add a jump ring to both ends of the chain.  Then, add a lobster claw to one of these jump rings.

DIY Necklace Credit:

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