Little Adults The Rich Kids In Russia

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Anna Skladmann’s project “Little Adults” has piqued my interests on the behaviour of Russia’s “newly rich” children. These children act and dress much older than they actually are. I think i’m amused by the fact Vogue and Tatler have influenced the way they pose and dress!  How the Little Adults project began; Anna Skladmann: ” You see, on that first trip to Moscow, I was about 14 and my parents took me to a masquerade ball. That was the first time I had any encounters with Russian children, and it struck me

how different they were to the children I knew in Europe. They weren’t dressed the way little kids do on carnival, they were dressed like adults. And they all acted so grown-up. They sat together at a table, talking and behaving in such an urbane manner. I was really young myself, but the impression stayed with me. I think that was the first time I started thinking about social phenomena, putting things in a social context.”

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Anna Skladmann’s thoughts on Russia’s environment:
This is a society that is still developing, still drawing inspiration from a hodgepodge of sources. It’s not fully Westernized because they have such a rich history, but I think it’s going to take many years to really shape them. Everything is so new to them that they are extremely impressionable. For example, when I was photographing the children, it was obvious that most of them had been looking at magazines like Tatler and Vogue. You could tell by the way they posed, the things they chose to wear and the reasons they had for posing.

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Fashionable right?

Full Article On Little Adults

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