A Look Inside Miroslava Duma’s Closet


Miroslava Duma has a wardrobe to envy, and with her busy lifestyle she knows how to pick clothing essentials to keep her on the go style fresh and statement worthy. Here’s just a tiny peek into her portable, on-the-go closet ..that can give you further insight into Miroslava’s unique sense of style, and why she’s been warranted one of Russia’s it Girls.

 Left: Vintage Chanel backpack Mira  owns and loves to tote around.
Right: Neutral and contrast purses to match everyday outfits.

Left: The perfect pair of Day to Night: White pumps an essential for timeless class.
Right: An unexpected wardrobe item, a pair of Timberland kicks!!

Statement Jewelry

 Mira’s never short of her statement necklaces (& bracelets) as seen in these photo’s, it’s all in the details!



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