Elena Perminova: Russian “it” Girl

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Elena Perminova has won me over style wise, this leggy blonde has definitely earned the title of being one of Russia’s it girls, lately she’s been on style watch, now the question is, who is she?
Elena Perminova is known as the wife of the Alexander Lebedev one of Russia’s billionaire oligarchs, but that still can’t tell us who she is, or why she’s a part of the highly fashionable troupe dubbed the “Russian Mafia”. Elena Perminova was not born into wealth, yet treats her new stature with grace and composer, and I’m envious of her jet-setter lifestyle. Though her jet setter lifestyle came into her life like that of a fairy tale which Harpers Bazaar wrote about her story, calling it a “cinderella story”. Here is a small blurb of the interview, (if you would like to read the full story from Harpers Bazaar you can click on this articles Source at the bottom of the page).


“We didn’t have a lot of money. We were a simple family.” When a bad-news (and much older) boyfriend came along, she found herself unwillingly dealing Ecstasy in Russian discos at age 16. She was soon arrested and sentenced to six years in prison, at one point confined to a tiny jail cell, about which she has said, “There was a stinking toilet and no soap … [and] an iron bed clamped to the wall.” Perminova’s father pleaded with Alexander Lebedev, then a member of the Russian parliament, to come to her aid. He did—and not long after, the pair fell in love. “I was so young,” Perminova says of her dark past. “I was blind—completely.” She is grateful to Lebedev, who not only rescued her from a life of ruin but also introduced her to a world of unimaginable privilege. “He was my angel,” she says. “There is no other word for it.”

Elena with her Children and Alexander Lebedev

 “Russian style has changed a lot,” Perminova says, “and thank God. In the past it was so much about labels. Everyone wanted to show that they were rich. I never liked that.” Fashion has always been a way to express herself, whether with sequins in Siberia or haute couture. “When I was nine, everyone wanted to be a princess at Christmas, but I dressed as a baby chicken. I realized it was important to have a personality. Otherwise you’ll be lost in the crowd.”

Elena Perminova is a Siberian-born model, and lately has been spotted in elaborate outfits. She loves pieces from Chanel, and Chanel’s haute couture collection, and is a Chanel Ambassador. 

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