Miroslava Duma: Fashion Profile


Miroslava Duma is one of Russia’s very own “it” girls. After all this fashionista is a part of a troupe of women that affectionately go by the name “The Russian Mafia”- Chic women, with chic style. Born in Moscow on March 10th, 1984. Mira is the daughter of Russian senator Vasilay Duma, she is married and has a son. Her sense of style is not only irresistible (not to mention she’s adorable !) but hard to pull off for most. Her photo’s featured in this entry can speak for themselves on her own fashion and style take. 

mira duma 1

Miroslava Duma’s thoughts on women getting ready:

Donna Karan once said that if it takes more than 20 minutes to get ready you have some problems with your appearance. I totally agree. I can’t understand women who open their huge wardrobes and say I have nothing to wear.’ – Miroslava Duma


mira duma2

Miroslava Duma is best known for working for Harper’s Bazaar Russia, and for being a freelance writer for the magazines Tatler, Glamour and OK. She’s even the founder of the ever growing in popularity website Buro 24/7

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